• Foam Cutter (Horizontal and Vertical CNC Contour Cutting Machine HV6)
  • Foam Cutter (Vertical CNC Contour Cutting Machine, Model GV6)
  • Foam Cutter (Horizontal CNC Contour Cutting Machine, Model GH3)

NANTONG MUYE MACHINERY CO., LTD is an experienced machinery manufacturing enterprise focused on the development and production of various CNC contour cutting machines for foam cutting. Founded in 2004, we have nearly a decade and a half of accumulated experience and invaluable expertise, allowing us to optimize both our products as well as manufacturing processes. We are located in Rugao, Nantong city, which provides excellent logistical benefits in terms of transportion to both Shanghai and Nantong airports.
MUYE’s professional design and development teams are very talented and possess rich experience. Our company’s chief executive has been committed to the foam cutting industry for more than 20 years. Because of his wealth of experience and knowledge in machine design, we can provide customers with diversified product designs, to optimize their production lines. We are proud of having been granted several utility model patents and CE qualification on the entire machine and it’s components. READ MORE